Guarantee your client's property sale - ClozeSure

Guarantee your client's property sale

With ClozeSure, you can give your clients the certainty that even if the chain falls apart their plans don’t have to.

Their new found peace of mind will reduce any anxious phone calls between exchange and completion, freeing you up to do what you do best; sell homes.

Secure Sales
Guarantee your fee - hassle free - ClozeSure

Guarantee your fee - hassle free

A client losing their buyer can mean a lot of extra hassle for agents. Save the worry, stress and extra effort that comes with it by offering ClozeSure. With ClozeSure you will guarantee the property sale and your fee.

Guarantee your fee
Be the local hero - ClozeSure

Be the local hero

Being the agent who offers ClozeSure sets you apart from the competition.

Be known as the local agent who can offer a total guarantee of the agreed sale price—and be in line to be reinstructed on the property if ClozeSure needs to step in.

Guarantee your fee
Boost your bottom line - ClozeSure

Boost your bottom line

Attract more clients, boost your instructions and rocket your reputation when you add ClozeSure to your service offering.

Expand your Offering

Take back control

Set yourself up for a certain sale

Our unique service is quick and easy to set up; with a simple application process and for an affordable one-off fee, from exchange of contracts your agreed sale price is guaranteed and your future is assured. Why not apply today?


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