What is ClozeSure?

ClozeSure gives every seller of a residential property total confidence that their property will be sold—in time, and for the agreed price.

From the moment you exchange contracts and receive their 10% deposit, your property is as good as sold.

When do I need ClozeSure?

You can make sure you’re eligible for ClozeSure in advance and, for a small one-off fee, commence it once you have exchanged contracts of sale and taken the 10% deposit from your buyer.

From this point, your property sale is now certain - either when your buyer completes, or when we complete the purchase in their place. If this happens, we pay the 90% balance of the sale to you, adding to the 10% deposit your buyer has already paid, leaving you with 100% of your agreed sales price.

How do I activate ClozeSure?

If your buyer fails to complete on the agreed Completion Date, the legal framework enables you to either 1) grant your buyer an extension or 2) serve your buyer with a valid Notice to Complete, with which they must comply within 10 working days.

1) If you choose to grant your buyer an extension, you may request an extension to the period of the ClozeSure guarantee.

2) If your buyer is unable to complete their purchase of your property by the end of the 10th day Notice period, they forfeit their 10% deposit in your favour, as per the terms of your property sale contract. ClozeSure then steps in to immediately purchase your property and pay you the remaining 90% sum.

ClozeSure is designed to offer complete peace of mind to property sellers by making your sale, and its timing, certain from the moment of exchange of contracts and deposit.

You can also be reassured that ClozeSure will pay out promptly, giving you the confidence to enter any simultaneous property purchase or other time-dependent financial commitment.

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Is ClozeSure fast?

We’ve designed our system to be fast, efficient, and helpful, with an aim of completing our purchase of your property immediately after - on the same day - as your defaulting buyer fails to complete.

To make sure we meet this goal, we need to work closely with you and your conveyancer.

By working closely together, we can make sure that your onward purchase — if you are planning one — completes successfully and secures the property chain.

Is ClozeSure right for me and my property?

Right now, ClozeSure is available to property sellers whose buyers are private individuals, and where a minimum deposit of 10% of the agreed sale price of their property has been paid.

 We only offer our guarantee for property sale transactions where the exchange and completion dates are 90 days apart or less.

The recent Covid 19 crisis caused the Government to introduce temporary limitations on property purchases, which had a knock-on effect on completion dates. Although these limitations are now lifted, we commit to extending our guarantee period for the duration of any similar limitations.

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