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If you are selling your home, the ClozeSure Completion Guarantee guarantees the sale of your property if your buyer withdraws after the exchange of contracts.

You will receive the full price you agreed with your buyer promptly, meaning that you can secure your future, and purchase your new home if you planned to do so.

ClozeSure makes your property sale certain from the moment of exchanging Contracts of Sale with your buyer…providing you with the immediate peace-of-mind and security that certainty brings!

Subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Who is the ClozeSure Guarantee for?

The ClozeSure Guarantee is designed to protect owners who are selling their residential property in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

More detailed information and answers to common questions are available in The Guarantee section, which we recommend you read.

  • It is available to buy after your property sale has been agreed and at the time of exchanging contracts of sale with your buyer, where:
  • Both buyer and seller are using the services of a registered conveyancer/ licensed solicitor
  • Your buyer is a private individual/s.
  • A deposit of 10% of the sale price has been received by your conveyancer/solicitor from your buyer
  • The period between exchange and completion of contracts does not exceed 60 days.

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